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Dil Prasad Sapkota

Managing Director

I have been managing Adventure Glacier Treks & Expeditions for nearly two decades now. I originally come from a mountainous village called Jyamrung in Dhading district, northwest of Kathmandu. I came to Kathmandu in 1996 as a student, but at the same time, I started working in tourism, first as a porter, then as a guide, and finally as a manager for another trekking and tour company till the end of 2003.

Then I decided to start an agency myself in early January 2004. I have always been very attached to the culture, history, people, languages, and food cultures of different countries around the world. I feel very lucky to be able to explore all the corners of my beautiful country, Nepal, from the south, where the elevation is nearly at sea level, to the high Himalayas. I have also been lucky to be able to travel to 35 countries for my work. My old clients became my friends, who showed me their countries and their cultures to help me better understand the western world. As I could also travel myself, it made it easier for me to understand other cultures, mentalities, and travelers' needs and expectations. I always believe in the slogan "Customer is always right," which means I always listen to my clients and take their feedback into account to improve the quality of my services.

Every day, we are all learning, and everyone makes mistakes, so I always give everyone a second chance to improve. I welcome anyone and all people to have a holiday in Nepal and at the same time have a truly great and memorable life experience, which you will not regret. "Let's start planning your." I assure your safety, quality of service, and value for money on Adventure Glacier Treks & Expeditions. Finally, let’s believe our tourism slogan, "Nepal once isn’t enough," is proven true to me because 40% of our customers are coming back to Nepal and working with our agency a second and third time.

Let's start planning our holiday trips to Nepal with Adventure Glacier Treks & Expedition.

Sincerely your

Dil Prasad Sapkota

Diwakar Sapkota


Diwakar grew up exploring his village's landscapes and cultures in the northwest of Kathmandu. Traveling, exploration, and trekking were instilled in him at a young age because his father had been involved in tourism since his childhood, which helped him understand the tourism sector thoroughly.

He was interested in the tourism industry because it allowed him to connect with people from all over the world, following in his father's footsteps. He studied Travel and Tourism management for his bachelor's degree. He has also traveled to various European countries to learn about their culture and tourism as part of an internship for his studies. He believes tourism links people as it allows people to meet new people. He also assists visitors' journeys to the Himalayas by preparing tour and trek itineraries and providing advice. He believes that making adventurous holidays will freshen up everyone's physical fitness and mindfulness. He also took a six-month digital marketing course, which helped a lot in promoting Adventure Glacier Treks & Expeditions in the digital world via social media and more. The younger generation of the early 20th century can probably understand the modern world and hospitality.So he is very valuable and useful to our company and looks forward to working with you.

Manisha Sapkota


Manisha Sapkota was born in a small village northwest of Kathmandu, near Ganesh Himal and the Manaslu Himalaya range, and raised in the national capital of Nepal. Manisha’s heart forever yearned for the large mountains she saw while visiting her grandparents outside Kathmandu during the festivals. While selecting a field for her educational qualification, Manisha has her education in banking and insurance, but she also has a passion for the trekking and tourism sectors, as she was galvanized by her father and his work. As her father has been in the tourism field for over two decades. Her father created a chance for her to go to Europe in 2016 and made a tour to Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden, France, Holland, Germany, Luxembourg, and India. She has visited most tourist cities in Nepal as well as trekked to popular trekking regions in Nepal. Manisha is a very organized and punctual person, which helps a lot in tourism. The young energy of the late 20th century can be very fruitful for planning personalized holiday trips for travelers.

Arjun Simkhada

Tour and Trekking Guide

Arjun is our great guide and always serves with a smile. He is very interested in working in tourism and is very serious about his responsibilities. He has fast deciding power, which is very important for mountain emergencies. Arjun has a bachelor's degree academically and has both licenses as a trekking guide and a city tour guide. Arjun has good knowledge of history, monuments, religions, and culture. Arjun is in his late twenties and is full of energy to provide you with new information. Arjun has been working with us for nine years.

Saubir Rai

Trekking Guide

Saubir rai (Samir) is grown up in the high Himalayas of Nepal near Everest. Samir grew up at high altitudes and is very familiar with their atmospheres. He has been to the high peaks and all the major treks from the east to the far west of Nepal. His softness and smiles easily make your trip valuable. He is flexible yet responsible during your trip. Samir has a wealth of experience in the tourism industry, having begun at a young age and now being in his early 30s. 

Kabita Khanal

Tour Guide

Kabita is our city tour guide. Kabita has been working with us for 5 years and has always performed well. Her mottos as a female guide are softness and hard work. Kabita has good knowledge of Kathmandu city tours as well as cultural tours all over Nepal. She is also very good at describing culture and religion as well as the deep history of everything. We are happy to have her as our tour guide and will keep working with her in the future. Kabita has academic degrees.

Bishnu Ghale

Trekking Guide

Bishnu Ghale is a strong mountain guide, he is in his early 30s, has done all the high-altitude treks in Nepal, and has always performed his task well. Bishnu also grew up in the village near Langtang Trek; he is good at altitude treks and Himalayan cultures as he belongs to that community. Bishanu deals with all the hard work and mountaineering.

Ramchandra Pandey

Trekking Guide

Ramchandra Pandey (Ram) has grown up in Gorkha, a historical town in Nepal where the strong Gorkha soldiers come from, also known as British Gorkha. Ram has great knowledge of the high Himalayan ranges and has been working for us for 6 years. He has traveled from east to west and has completed all of the altitude treks. For working hard in the Himalayas, his mid-20s energy is highly valued. Ram’s services during the trek are some of the most outstanding, helpful, friendly, and decision-making.

Roshan Dhakal

Trekking Guide

Roshan Dhakal is one of our great guides. He is from near Kathmandu but has trekked all the trekking regions in Nepal; his favorite is Annapurna, he says. Roshan is an easy-going guy who takes time to enjoy everything and has good humor as well as being duty-oriented at his work. Roshan is also in his 20s and has trekked all over Nepal.

Sudip Khanal

Trekking Guide

Sudip is a young man in his early twenties with a great, funny personality who makes your trip more enjoyable; we admire his good energy and are ready for him to do any hard work. Sudip has been on several treks already in his early 20s, and he will be one of the best guides in the future if he keeps his speed like this. Great guide who is friendly, easygoing, and service oriented. 

Mohan Dhamala

Trekking Guide

Mohan Dhamala is one of our best guides. Mohan is in his mid-20s and has trekked all over Nepal; his favorite is Manaslu and Tsum Valley, where he has been several times. Mohan has also traveled abroad, so he has a better understanding of western culture, which benefits the relationship between guide and guests. Ganesh is friendly, sociable, easygoing, and does his tasks very professionally.

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