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Rara National Park Trek

Trip code
Package name Rara National Park Trek
Duration 14
Max. elevation 3055 m
Transportation Private Transportation
Accomodation Guesthouse
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
Trip route Nepalgunj-Jumla-Rara Lake-Bumra-Jumla
Cost USD 1,700 per person



Rara Lake Trekking is hands down one of the most beautiful treks that take you to Rara Lake in Nepal. It is one of the largest lakes in Nepal. Every year, thousands of visitors visit the lake from all over the world. Rara Lake lies at an elevation of 2,990 meters with an area of 10.8 km square. It is beautifully surrounded by green hills and Rara National Park, makes it a good trekking destination. Also, the view of snow clad Himalayan peaks enhances the beauty of Rara Lake. This mesmerizing trek to Rara Lake is located in the remote northwest part of Nepal. The trek starts from a pulsating capital city and takes you to the remote area of Jumla. Enrooted you’ll pass through some interesting village of Gorusingha, Sija, Jaljala and finally trek ends at the tranquil heaven that is Rara Lake. Besides, Rara Lake Trek also lies in Rara National Park which is one of the most enthralling national parks to observe diverse wildlife. The national park consists of several blue pines, black juniper, oak, cypress, and rhododendron forests. These forests have been home to Himalayan Black Bear, Musk Deer, Leopards, Ghoral, Thar, and Red Panda. These forests are also home of more than 200 species of colorful birds and butterflies.
Surprisingly, Rara Lake is one of the bluest water in the world yet the lake shows three different colors in a day and the background of the lake also keeps changing. Rara Lake Trekking route is less crowded and very much off beaten trail. So, it is a great option for those who are seeking isolation and communion with nature. Throughout the trekking journey, you’ll experience the very different and unique cultures and panorama which are different from rest of Nepal. This stunning lake in the high altitude is surrounded by forests of pine, alpine meadows, juniper and spruce, while in the background one can outlook the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas. In winter there is often snow on the ridges surrounding the Lake which gives the lake a heavenly look.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Arival at Kathmandu International Airport (1,300 m/4,264 ft)

Our representative will meet you at Tribhuvan International Airport and extend a warm greeting. Your selected hotel will be driven to for you. When you go to the hotel, you can relax. You will participate in a brief orientation program at our office after getting refreshed. You will receive a trip briefing from our guide. The remaining time can be used to explore the neighborhood, sample genuine Nepalese food, and learn about the local way of life.

Day 2 : Exploration day in Kathmandu and equipment checking

We will analyze the gear you need for the treks and, if we have any, recommend that you buy, rent, or receive it from us. The Kathmandu Valley may be explored in a single day. If you'd like, we may arrange for a tour guide to assist you as you tour Kathmandu (it costs extra).

Day 3 : Fly for one hour from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. (150 m/490 feet)

On this day, you'll take a scenic flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. Nepalgunj is a popular transportation and industrial hub in far western Nepal, located in the Banke district. You'll have enough time today to tour Nepal's multiethnic city. You'll get a firsthand look at the Terai people's distinct culture and way of life, which differ greatly from those of the capital city. You can go to Grasscutters' Lane or enjoy some street food. You can also explore Royal Bardia National Park, which is about an hour's drive from Nepalgunj's main market. Elephant safaris and wildlife encounters are available here. Spend the night in Nepalgunj

Day 4 : From Nepalgunj, a Short Flight to Jumla (2,540 m/8,334 ft)

After breakfast on this day, you'll board a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla. After a 20-minute flight, you'll arrive in Jumla at an elevation of 2,540 meters. Today, you'll notice a dramatic difference in the environment as you fly from the Terai plains to the steep terrain of Jumla. Jumla is a rural and underdeveloped Karnali region in Nepal. It is the administrative hub for the Jumla districts. You'll spend the entire day touring this undiscovered area to acclimate. Staying at Jumla for the night

Day 5 : Hike To Chere Chaur From Jumla (3055 m/10,023 ft)

This is the day that your Rara Lake Trek officially begins.. After breakfast, you will begin your hike from Jumla to Chere Chaur (3,055 meters). Since today is the first day of the hike, you should ascend carefully and drink lots of water. On your route to Chere Chaur, you'll pass through Khalanga Bazaar, a small bazaar. You'll arrive in Chere Chaur for the night after going through several tiny settlements and a temple.

Day 6 : Hike From Chere Chaur to Chalachaur (2980 m/9,777 ft) 5-6 hrs

On this day, you'll take the western routes and slowly ascend through spectacular rhododendron, birch, and pine forests to Jaljala Pass (3,580 meters). Jaljala Pass provides a breathtaking view of Kanjiroba Himal. You'll cross this pass and continue your journey over a beautiful trail. After a few hours, you'll arrive at Jaljala Chaur, a summer grazing pasture. After 5-6 hours of walking, you'll reach the main Rara Circuit path and overnight at Chala Chaur (2,980 meters).

Day 7 : Hike to Sinja Valley From Chalachaur (2490 m/ 8167 ft)

On this day, you'll go to Sinja Valley, a rural village on the Hima River's bank. The path passes through various small towns. Your journey will be accompanied by the Jaljala River.. After 4-5 hours of walking, you'll arrive at Sinja Valley (2,490 meters) for the night. From the 12th to the 14th centuries, this lovely valley served as the capital of the Malla Dynasty. As a result, trekkers will find a multitude of old temples and sites to explore in the Sinja Valley.

Day 8 : Hike to Ghorosingha from Sinja (3050 m/10007 ft)

You'll depart Sinja for Ghorosingha after an early morning breakfast. You'll reach Laha by following the upstream trail. The journey continues from Laha to the little settlement of Gani. After a difficult descent, you'll arrive at Ghorosingha (3,050 meters) for the night.

Day 9 : Hike To Rara Lake From Ghorosingha(3010 m/9876 ft) 6-7 hrs

After breakfast, you'll head out for Rara Lake (3,010 meters) by a steep ascent along the side of Chucharmare Danda. You'll enjoy spectacular Himalayan views from the top of the hill, with gorgeous deep blue peaceful Rara Lake surrounded by green hills. After admiring the scenery, you'll enter a forested route and continue your trek till you reach Majhghat. After crossing Majhghat, follow the Khatyar River to Chhapri hamlet, which also serves as the Rara National Park's headquarters. After 6-7 hours of walking, you'll arrive at your desired destination, Rara Lake. You can get a close-up view of a serene lake and the beautiful foliage of Rara National Park upon your arrival.

Day 10 : Explore Rara Lake to take in the scenery, interact with the locals, and gain a thorough understanding of their culture and heritage. a tea house for lodging

On this day, you'll spend the entire day exploring Rara Lake and its surroundings. After breakfast, you'll set out to explore one of Nepal's largest lakes. It is bordered by dense green forests that support a rich flora and fauna, including some indigenous bird, fish, and animal species. Murma Top offers a breathtaking view of the lake from above if you want to go on a long day trip. It will take approximately 6-7 hours to travel there and back. If you choose to stay on the lake's shore, you can take in the breathtaking view of the lake and the Himalayas. The changing light of the lake's hues, which will certainly offer you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Aside from that, on a clear day, you can enjoy short boating trips, while swimming is not permitted to avoid polluting the crystal-clear water. After admiring and photographing the breathtaking views, you'll make your way to the teahouse for an overnight stay.

Day 11 : Beautiful Hike From Rara Lake to Pina (2440 m/ 8006 ft) 4-5 hrs

On this day, you will travel towards Pina, leaving behind the lovely and pure Rara Lake. The hike today will take about 4-5 hours and will be pretty pleasant until you reach Gamgadhi, the Mugu District headquarters. You'll continue on the magnificent forest track to Jhyari Khola. And after a few short uphill walks through the pine forest, you'll arrive in Pina (2,440 meters). Stay the night in the Pina village teahouse.

Day 12 : Scenic Hike from Pina to Bumra (2850 m/9351 ft) 5-6 hrs.

On this day, you will leave Pina for Bumra after breakfast.The trail goes downhill and leads via the 3,480-meter-high Ghurchi Langna Pass. This is the trek's highest point. Colorful prayer flags can be seen, and the lovely Karnali River can be seen from the top of the pass. After taking in the scenery, you'll make your way down to Bulbule. You'll go south from Bulbule, passing via the little settlement of Chautha. After 5-6 hours of walking, you'll arrive in a lovely village in Burma (2,850 meters) for the night. Nauri Ghat is another name for this village.

Day 13 : Hike from Bumra to Jumla (2540 m/8334 ft) 5-6 hrs.

You'll begin your trek from Bumra village early in the morning on this day. On the final day of your Rara Lake Trekking, you'll cross two suspension bridges across the Hima River. You can calm your body by taking a bath in Hot Spring. You'll cross Danphe Lagna Pass at 3,691 meters after relaxing in a hot spring. You'll continue your journey till you reach Chere Chaur. You'll walk on the same path you took a few days ago from this village. Finally, after 5-6 hours of walking, you'll arrive at Jumla (2,540 meters) for the night.

Day 14 : Fly to Kathmandu from Jumla

You'll fly to Kathmandu and then be transferred to your hotel. Our team members will receive you at Kathmandu International Airport and transport you to your accommodation. We'll have a farewell meal in the evening.


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