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Exploring the Kanchenjunga Trek: A Journey of Natural Splendor

Embark on an unparalleled adventure through the remote and breathtaking landscapes of eastern Nepal with the Kanchenjunga Trek. This renowned trek offers raw natural beauty and cultural richness, guiding you through diverse terrains, from lush rhododendron forests and terraced fields to alpine meadows and glacial moraines.

 Cultural Immersion and Warm Hospitality

Experience the warm hospitality of local communities, predominantly the Limbu and Rai people. Their traditions and lifestyles provide a deep cultural immersion. Trekking along this route offers a unique opportunity to connect with the indigenous cultures of eastern Nepal. Engage in conversations, sample traditional cuisine, and participate in cultural rituals, gaining insight into their way of life.

Off-the-Beaten-Path Appeal

Marked by its off-the-beaten-path appeal, the Kanchenjunga Trek offers solitude and tranquility seldom found on more popular treks. This journey allows trekkers to explore pristine landscapes and remote villages away from the crowds. Traverse through untouched wilderness, breathe in the crisp mountain air, and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature.

Key Highlights

Stunning Vistas

Marvel at the breathtaking views of the world’s third-highest peak, Kanchenjunga, and its massif, along with panoramic vistas of the surrounding Himalayan giants. Watch as the sunlight dances on the snow-capped peaks, creating a mesmerizing spectacle etched in your memory.

Yalung Glacier

Experience the serene beauty of the Yalung Glacier, a spectacular natural wonder nestled amidst the towering peaks of the region. Listen to the soothing sounds of cascading ice and witness the ever-changing landscape shaped by centuries of glacial activity.


Discover the vibrant biodiversity within the Kanchenjunga Conservation Area, home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Spot exotic wildlife such as the elusive snow leopard, playful red panda, and colorful bird species as you trek through lush forests and alpine meadows.

Physical and Spiritual Journey

The Kanchenjunga Trek is both physically demanding and spiritually uplifting. Challenge your limits and push through rugged terrain while finding moments of tranquility and reflection in the pristine wilderness. Connect with nature on a deeper level and experience a profound sense of accomplishment upon reaching high-altitude vantage points offering spectacular views of the Himalayan giants.

Embark on this unforgettable journey to explore the untamed wilderness and cultural treasures of eastern Nepal. Let the awe-inspiring beauty of the Kanchenjunga region leave an indelible mark on your soul as you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Trip Itinerary

A representative of Adventure Glacier Treks will meet you at the arrival gate of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu. And you will be transferred to a hotel, after which there will be a briefing about the necessary procedures, the climbing route, and your climbing permit. Depending on your arrival time, you can spend your free time visiting nearby temples or taking a break.

We'll fly to Taplejung, which is about 40 minutes away, after breakfast. From the plane, you could take in the breathtaking scenery. We'll spend the night in Taplejung and explore it.

The path now descends the mountainside in a long, twisting path to the terraced fields of Pokora before crossing the Phawa Khola on a suspension bridge. After a long climb, we arrived on a gently sloping mountain path. The climb is worthwhile because we can see stunning views of Kangchenjunga and its satellites. Descending to Kheswa is a gentle path, and the views of the truly magnificent countryside, with densely forested ridges providing a magnificent contrast and background to the rich flora and cultivated fields of the valleys, invite us to spend the night.

The route continues to roll up and down while crossing rivers of the main river until we reach large ridges on the west side of the Kabeli Khola. The views get better and better as you pass through terraced fields and forests, with a good view of Jannu Himal coming from the ridge at Ponpe Dhara. We will arrive at Mamanke, where we will spend the night

The trail descends some stone steps to the river after trekking through hillsides above the Kabeli Khola. It's now time for a steady, steady ascent to the crest, followed by a long walk through fields to Yampdudin, the last permanent village.

When starting a hike from Yamphudin, the path initially crosses the Omje Khola before immediately ascending next to it. After spending many days traveling through populated areas, it is now time to leave civilization behind. Yamphudin looks out to the stunning landscapes beyond. The trail ascends to the crest and leads to the high Omje Khola valley.

The trail begins a difficult climb from Lamite to cross the Deurali Danda cliff at a height of roughly 10,800 feet. A little pool may be found along the walk, which initially winds uphill through a rhododendron forest. From Jannu Himal peak, you can see Kanchenjunga's reflection and beautiful views to the northwest. The trail now returns to the forest, where you may enjoy a pleasant trek before it gradually climbs to the Simbua Khola's banks. We will go for about 30 minutes along the river bank until we reach a little bridge that allows access to the north bank, after which we reach Torongtan or Thorongding.

We enjoy the lovely views of the snow-capped mountains ahead as we follow the river northeast towards its spring on the Yalung Glacier in the lower Lalung valley, which is heavily forested with pine and rhododendron. The easy track follows the riverbed as it gets wider. Finally, the peaks of Talung, Kabru, and Rathong are visible, together with the Yalung Glacier.

The Sinion La trail follows the southern edge of the ridge on a steady trail with excellent views to Tama Lase La, 12,795 feet from side to side through beautiful forest to clearance on the Yamatori gorge's lip. We'll continue downhill to Ghunsa through a pine and rhododendron forest.

The road winds through washed-out rhododendron and juniper trees as it follows the Ghunsa Khola's (Ghunsa Stream's) blue water views from side to side. We are charmed by the Janus Glacier and the amazing views of snow-capped mountains. We'll reach a short bridge that will take us to a tiny, leafy area called Rhambuk Kharka. The views to the northeast progressively get more clear as we get closer to the small village of Kambachen, where we can see the peaks of Phole, Sobithonge, and Jannu.

Taking an extra day in Kambachen to explore the area, rest, and talk with the guide, porters, and sherpas is undoubtedly beneficial.

The steep but straightforward road continues to climb the west bank of the river, passing through a small uncultivated field before ascending a short snow hill to Kharka Ramtang's peak. The picture of Kambachen's parent glacier, the Ramtang Glacier, grows more stunning. Continuing down the river from Lhonak, the view of the Kangchenjunga Glacier, Pyramid Peak, Tent Peak, and Nepal Peak at the top of the valley levels the sand and green plains. Although it can be windy, the stunning vistas of Wedge Peak and Tent Peaks provide the ideal atmosphere for a colorful sundown.

The path to Pangaea begins in Lhonak and follows a ledge alongside the moraine of the Kangchenjunga Glacier, with views of the Wedge, Nepal, Tent, and Pyramid Peaks rising all along the way and the Sharphu Peaks dominating the valley horizon. The Pangpema arrives with a view of Kangchenjunga and Yalung Kang's great north faces. Pang Pema greets us with breathtaking views, and prayer flags decorate a small memorial devoted to the American mountaineer Chris Chandler.

We'll explore Pang Pema today before taking the day off. We'll hike to Lhonak, and if you need to, you can wash some of your things as well.

We'll go back to Kambachen today and spend the night there.

Today's trip will take us beyond Ghunsa and then to Phale, where the valley gets narrower. The path enters the trees and follows the west bank of the Ghunsa Khola until we reach a little clearing at Kyapra.

There are many ups and downs on the Ghunsa Khola trail, as well as beautiful waterfalls and deep pools. As the altitude drops, the plants change, and the path winds through dense forests of bamboo, fir, and sprinkled rhododendron before arriving at Tangep to camp.

After passing through a noticeable turn in the valley, trek through a steep and winding path to the small village of Amjilassa. The sharpness of the hillside is now being replaced by cultivation. The view down the valley is becoming more diverse and appealing. The faraway Ghunsa Khola curves like a silver ribbon beside the cliffs. On a narrow but very well path, there is a spectacular trek past several waterfalls. We arrive at a grassy rock face above the river after passing through a rocky pass through the vertical drop.

The valley trail ascends and descends while emulating the local environment and way of life above the Tamur River. A little community called Helok is situated where the Tamur River and the Simbua Khola meet. As we journey through the spectacular rock gorges that slice through forested hillsides to the communities of Chiruwa and Sinwa, we can feel the temperature rising.

Compared to the previous two days, today is a simple day. The settlement of Dobhan is now crowded and more refined after crossing a huge suspension bridge and numerous rice fields along the Tamur River.

The trail separates after the Tamur River bridge, and the right branch starts a long ascent up the mountainside to Taplejung.

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