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Embark on a transformative adventure unlike any other on the Dolpo Circuit Trek, a hidden gem nestled in the rugged embrace of the Nepalese Himalayas. This trek transcends the boundaries of a simple hike; it’s an immersion into the heart of nature’s majestic grandeur and the timeless tapestry of Tibetan culture.

Step into a Realm of Untamed Beauty: A Landscape Painted by Nature

Until recently, Dolpo remained veiled in mystery, a secluded paradise shrouded by the rain shadow of Nepal. Now, it beckons explorers with its snow-capped peaks that pierce the heavens, ancient villages whispering tales of a bygone era, and tranquil lakes that mirror the boundless sky above.

Your Expedition Begins: Embarking on the Dolpo Circuit

Your journey commences in Juphal, where you’ll weave your way through Dunai. Lush meadows unfurl before you, contrasting dramatically with the stark beauty of the rocky terrain. Each local settlement you encounter becomes a chapter in Dolpo’s rich narrative, offering a glimpse into the lives and traditions of its people.

Conquering New Horizons: Ascend to Breathtaking Vistas

As you ascend to the lofty heights of Tarakot and Bang La Camp, the air thins, and the world unfolds beneath you in a breathtaking panorama. Prepare to be captivated by the legendary Phoksundo Lake, nestled within the hallowed grounds of Shey Phoksundo National Park. Witness the majestic Churen Himal and Dhaulagiri guarding the horizon, their snow-capped peaks glistening in the sunlight.

A Culture Steeped in Tradition: Unveiling the Heart of Dolpo

Time seems to slow down in Dolpo, where Tibetan customs are deeply embedded in the fabric of daily life. Here, Buddhism flourishes, influenced by the ancient Bonpo tradition, creating a profoundly spiritual atmosphere. Witness the vibrant prayer flags fluttering in the wind, the serene faces of monks chanting their mantras, and the intricate details of ancient monasteries that stand as testaments to a rich cultural heritage.

A Test of Will and Spirit: Conquering the Challenges of the Dolpo Circuit

The Dolpo Circuit Trek is not for the faint of heart. Challenging ascents and descents, including the formidable Numa La and Baga La passes, will demand your resilience and adventurous spirit. Prepare to push your physical and mental limits, but know that the rewards are worth every ounce of effort.

Unforgettable Encounters Await: Unveiling the Magic of the Dolpo Experience

The true magic of the Dolpo Circuit Trek lies in the unparalleled rewards that await you. Witness a breathtaking tapestry of natural wonders – from cascading waterfalls and vibrant meadows to towering mountains and glacial lakes. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural experiences – witness traditional dances performed by locals in their colorful attire, and learn about their unique way of life. These encounters will leave a lasting impression on your heart and soul.

Explore the Untamed Beauty of Lower and Upper Dolpo: Delving Deeper into the Dolpo Circuit

The Dolpo Circuit Trek offers a chance to delve deeper into both Lower and Upper Dolpo, each with its own unique charm. Explore the side valleys that branch off from the main trail, each offering hidden gems and breathtaking scenery. Discover the excitement of conquering hidden passes that lead you to isolated villages untouched by time.

The Call of the Himalayas Awaits: Embark on Your Unforgettable Dolpo Circuit Trek

The Dolpo Circuit Trek is more than just a trek; it’s a transformative journey that will leave you forever changed. Answer the call of the Himalayas and embark on this unforgettable adventure. Discover the extraordinary beauty of Dolpo, a place where nature reigns supreme and ancient traditions endure.

Trip Itinerary

Start your journey at Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, located at an elevation of 1400 meters (4593 feet). Our  airport representative of Adventure Glacier Treks will great you at the arrival gate of Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), Kathmandu. And you will be transferred to a hotel, after which there will be a briefing about the necessary procedures, the trekking route, and your trekking permits. Depending on your arrival time, you can spend your free time visiting nearby temples or taking rest.

Take a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj, a city in the western Terai region of Nepal, situated at an elevation of 150 meters (490 feet).

From Nepalgunj, take another flight to Juphal, and then trek from Juphal to Dunai. Juphal is at an elevation of 2475 meters (8120 feet), and Dunai is at 2687 meters (8815 feet).

Trek for about 6 hours from Dunai to Chhepka, ascending to 2687 meters (8815 feet).

Continue your trek from Chhepka to Chunuwar, which takes about 6 hours and reaches an elevation of 3110 meters (10203 feet).

Trek for 5-6 hours from Chunuwar to reach Phoksundo Lake, situated at an elevation of 3600 meters (11811 feet).

Take a day to rest and enjoy the beauty of Phoksundo Lake.

Resume your trekking journey from Phoksundo to Sallaghari, which takes 5-6 hours.

Trek to Nangdala High Camp, reaching an elevation of 4717 meters (15475 feet) after 5-6 hours.

Cross Nangdala Pass (5240 meters, 17191 feet) and trek to Shey Gompa, which is at 4280 meters.

Trek for 6-7 hours, crossing the Shey La Pass at 5100 meters (16732 feet) before reaching Namgung Gompa.

Trek for 4-5 hours to reach Saldang, where you'll set up camp for the night.

Take a day hike to Yangjer Gumba, located at an altitude of 4599 meters (15088 feet), before returning to Saldang for the night.

Continue your trek from Khoma village to Shimen.

Trek to Yak Kharka, situated at an altitude of 4780 meters, for approximately 5 hours, crossing the Mola Pass at 5030 meters (16502 feet) along the way.

Trek to Ghalden Ghuldum, crossing Niwala Pass at 5120 meters (16797 feet) and Jungbenla Pass at 5550 meters (18208 feet).

Trek from Sangta to Phalyak, descending to an altitude of 3175 meters (10416 feet).

Trek to Jomsom, situated at an elevation of 2720 meters (8923 feet).

Take a flight from Jomsom to Pokhara, and then from Pokhara to Kathmandu, concluding your trekking journe

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