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Trek and Tour to Mt Kailash /Lake Manasarovar

Trip code
Package name Trek and Tour to Mt Kailash /Lake Manasarovar
Duration 15
Max. elevation 5200 m
Transportation Private Transportation
Accomodation Hotels
Starts at Kathmandu
Ends at Kathmandu
Trip route Nyalam-Zhongba-Lake Mansarover-Mt Kailash-Saga-Kathmandu
Cost USD 1,600 per person



The world's sacred mountain, Kailash (6714 m), is situated in a remote region of West Tibet that is both high and isolated. Both Buddhists and Hindus travel there to perform pilgrimages. The other two are Ponri Ngaden and Lake Manasarover, and together they make up the group of three pilgrimage sites known as Kangri Tsosum. All are thought to have existed in the ancient Shangshung kingdom, which is where the pre-Buddhist cult Bonpos is regarded with having originated.

Their "soul mountain," also known as Yungdrung Gu Tse, is Mount Kailash (the Nine-Story Swastika Mountain). According to mythology, Tonpa Shenrab, the sect's renowned founder, fell from heaven to earth just here. According to Hinduism, the holy mountain is home to Lord Shiva, who is both the creator and destroyer of life. Mount Kailash, also known as Mt. Kailas, is a magnificent peak in western Tibet's Himalayan ranges. Its Tibetan names are Gang Tise or Gang Rinpoche and Gangdise Shan. Kailash is a sacred mountain for four religions: Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, and followers of the native Tibetan religion of Bön. It is the source of some of the longest rivers in Asia. The most significant of the two holy lakes next to the mountain is Lake

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 : Drive From Kathmandu to Nyalam (3750m) which is about 6-7 hrs drive

Day 2 : Drive from Nyalam to Zhangmu and to Paiko TSO (4350m) which is about 6 to 7 hrs drive

Day 3 : Drive to Zhongba from Paiko TSO ( 4700m)

Day 4 : Drive to Mayum La from Zhongba (5200m) which is about 6-7 hrs drive

Day 5 : Drive to Lake Mansarovar (4550m) which will take 5-6 hrs

Day 6 : Explore Lake Manasarovar then drive to Darchen (4560m)

Day 7 : Trek around Mt Kailash from Darchen and drive to Dirapuk (4890m)

Day 8 : Trek to Zuluk Puk (4790m) 6-7 hrs trek

Day 9 : Trek to Darchen

Day 10 : End trek at Darchen and drive to Tirthapuri (4300m) where you can enjoy the hot water spring

Day 11 : Drive to Yongze for 6-7 hrs (4350m)

Day 12 : Drive to Paryang for 5-6 hrs

Day 13 : Drive to Saga for 6-7 hrs (4400m)

Day 14 : Drive to Upper Nyalam for 7-8 hrs (3750m )

Day 15 : Drive to Zhangum and to Kathmandu for (7-8 hrs )


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